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Hieronder staat uitleg over deze web-log en zijn onderwerpen.
Op deze weblog staan vele plaatjes die allemaal te vergroten zijn door ze aan te klikken.

De knoppen op deze log/The BUTTONS on this log:

Vernieuwen; Back to front page. Terug naar voorpagina.
Over Jager;
Info about me and this log. Informatie over mij en deze weblog.
This log.xa0 Deze informatie.
Humor logs; logs for a laugh; humor en lachen.
Vrouw & auto; women drivers/ Vrouwen aan het stuur.
Dier en fun; Funny animals.xa0 Grappige dieren plaatjes.
Mijn dienst tijd; My army time(1991-1998). dienst!
Mijn Game Vieuws; Game revieuws.xa0 Game analyses.
Mijn oude logs: Archived logs of 2005.xa0 Archief 2005.
Mijn gastenboek; Guestbook.xa0 Gastenboek.

Wat is Call of duty?
: Call of duty A world war 2 first person shooter game.xa0 There are several ways you can play the multiplayer game, here is a quickxa0 introduction…
Spel types/Game types:
Retrieval Retrieval is objective based where you are required to bring one or more document’s or a radio back to your truck/base before the time runs out, if you are killed whist carrying an item it remains in your puddle of blood for 60 seconds before returning to its original place.
Search and Destroy
Search and Destroy is objective based that normally requires you to plant explosives on either 1 of 2 locations before the time runs out. Mostly played in oline war types.Team Death Match Team Death Match, you are able to spawn immediately after death on either allies or axis, slowly the computer will move the teams around to create a better fighting atmosphere, this is good for weapon training.
Behind Enemy Lines
This is a game type where you don’t really get to pick your team, you will be automatically assigned to a team most likely under enemy fire (IE in the enemy’s base), from which you must eliminate as many of the opponent as you can before being overrun.
Head Quarters
Your team has to find and hold a radio which randomly spawns onto the map, teams are awarded points for holding the radio or for destroying a captured radio.

Game versies en afkortingen/ game types:
Call of duty, the first and famous release of this game.
COD UO: Call of duty, United offensive. This is the follow up of COD.
COD2: Call of duty 2, the follow up that came out in 2005.
BF 42/Vietnam/2: Battlefield game series with the last version 2.
MOHAA: Medal of Honor, allied assault. Also a ww2 game.
FPS: First Person Shooter. A gaming form where you walk in the first person through a game. So you only see from a persons view.

Wapens in Cod/Weapons in Cod:
More info about the weapons used in COD can be found at planetcallof duty.Some favorite camping weapons of mine mentioned on this log are:
MP44 heavy german machine gun.
Range: LongRate of Fire: FastDamage: HighMobility: MediumAmmo in game: 30/240Recoil: MediumMelee: YesGerman paratroopers used the MP44 Assault Rifle for the duration of the World War 2. It has a muzzle velocity of 647 m/s and is sighted to 700m. It was developed in 1944 and influenced the development of the AK47. It has a cyclic rate of 500 rounds per minute. It has a weight of 4.3 kg.

Kar98k rifle, with or without scope(sniper)Range: LongRate of Fire: SlowDamage: Very HighMobility: MediumAmmo in game: 5/125Recoil: SmallMelee: YesThe German Model 98k Mauser was adopted by Germany as the primary battle rifle in 1935. The 98k were based upon the Mauser turn-bolt action developed by Paul Mauser in 1898. It fired the 7.92×57, commonly called the 8mm. It was fed by a 5 round stripper clip, and had a detachable bayonet. Its rate of fire was 10 to 15 rounds per minute and weighed around 9 pounds.

Springfield Sniper rifle
Range: Very longRate of Fire: SlowDamage: HighMobility: MediumAmmo in game: 5/200Recoil: LowMelee: YesThe Springfield M1903, originally developed after the Spanish-American War, is a sniper rifle equipped with a 4x zoom scope. As a bolt-action scoped weapon, it has low rate of fire and reloads one round at a time. The Springfield was very accurate, and could be used as a Marksman rifle.

Browning Automatic Rifle
Range: LongRate of Fire: FastDamage: HighMobility: SlowAmmo in game: 20/300Recoil: HighMelee: YesThe BAR was a popular American weapon in WWII, because it was very reliable and offered an excellent combination of rapid fire and penetrating power. The BAR’s only serious drawbacks were its lack of a quick-change barrel (to reduce the chance of overheating), and its weight (BAR, with bipod and a loaded bandoleer, came to about 40 pounds).

Mosin-Nagant, with or without scope(sniper)
Range: LongRate of Fire: SlowDamage: Very highMobility: MediumAmmo in game: 1/150Recoil: SmallMelee: YesThe Mosin-Nagant M91/30 was the main Russian rifle in WWII.xa0 It was a bolt-action rifle.xa0 It was chambered in the potent 7.62x54r, and held 5 shots fed by a stripper clip.xa0 It had a detachable bayonet, and a cleaning rod fixed under the barrel. This weapon can be used from a far distant and is very deadly in the right hands.

Camping: Stay at the same position and shooting all enemy’s that come in your sight. This is considered by many as annoying becouse it seems easy to do. Camping is a complaint that dates back to the original Doom and Quake game styles. These were gametypes that used MP(multiplayer) Maps that were as open as possible, with few corners and obstacles to hide behind, and your proficiency was judged on being able to move and sight and shoot at the same time. If you hid somewhere and sniped, you would often be booted for “camping”. It was very unrealistic as to how warfare was really fought, though.

Granade jumping in COD: Nade jumping is where you throw a grenade on the ground below you, wait for a certain period of time, and then jump a split second before the grenade explodes to give you a slight boost. It can be handy to get you into those hard-to-reach places where a normal jump or 125fps jump simply won’t do. When nade jumping, make sure you are above the ground when you throw your grenade (i.e. on a box or something), as if you do it directly below you when you are on the ground you will be killed. Thanks to: CODjumper

Strafe/trick jumping in COD: Strafe jumping is used in a lot of the demos on this site, and can be used to jump further to reach new places. However, a lot of people have problems with stafe jumping when they first start. A short summary to strafe jumping would be you have to gain extra speed by flicking your mouse back to the direction you are running when strafing and moving forward. You should flick the mouse fairly fast or else you won’t gain enough speed. Watch some of the demos where I strafe jump and you just have to keep practicing it. Eventually you should figure it out it’s not to difficult really. To get a better understanding of how to strafe jump, please download this tutorial which includes a demo and a detailed explanation to strafe jumping.CODjumper

Name Tags: These are additions you make on your online game when you are a member of a clan or community. You also can use them to express yourselfe. You can use colors and animations in your name and the short version of your clanname. My Tag for instance is ckZ!real_jager, where ckZ! stands for the chickz-on-cod community and real_jager is my in game name. A interesting site for info about making name tags is CODNAMES.

Over realjager

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  1. ikkie zegt:

    ja nu zwarte teksten:P

  2. kingma zegt:

    interessant. goeie info!

  3. someone zegt:

    goede info, ik wist het wel al maar tch goed 😛

  4. I know this isnt a GB but I love the site Nice work

  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyy ik denk een dom blondtje hahaha ik wens jou een fijne avond!

  6. heyyyyyyyyyyyy ik denk een dom blondtje hahaha ik wens jou een fijne avond!

    http://www.adresse-schuldenberatung.de – look here!

  7. lala my life is so good

  8. lala my life is so good

  9. jager zegt:

    Thanks voor alle reclame maar ik heb het meeste hiero toch maar verwijdert… en zal dat blijven doen…
    I will remove all adds and spam here, so don’t bother! 8)

  10. Ricardo zegt:

    I fooking love big guns, but they are illegal over here. Last time I fired one was back in the states, crazy days 😀

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