Big grenades for the war

And here is the Saturday update with big nades. The 5th of may we have a war against the NOM guys and I’ll hope we win. But hey we were already been accused of cheating with grenades that exploded too powerful
Than this picture will show that we are not the only one with big Nades…

Sorry for the long load time of this picture, I will clear it after the war…Still a damn big nade hehehe..Yesterday I had a little discussion on the forum about the problems with, still I will stay here, I like the easy update option and I only had a problem on one evening until now.
This is it for now, I will also update the about me information with one or two pictures, maybe from me…stay tuned and have a good Saturday.
When anyone misses something here, add your comment and I will see what I can do. Now I’m working on a shout box. So react and enjoy!

Over realjager

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0 reacties op Big grenades for the war

  1. xfckup zegt:

    hey jager, nice pic^^, tomorrow is only training, the war with nom is on the 5th of may…cheers and nice weekend!

  2. jager zegt:

    Damn, I see, than I will get drunk now, thanks xf 8)

  3. andrea zegt:

    good luck:P

  4. petertjethegreat zegt:

    mooie foto, ben jij dat? 😀

  5. jager zegt:

    jawel peter, ikkie sta boven op een granaat:)
    zeg peter, link exchance?

  6. Patrick zegt:

    Die douche werkt wel tegen het
    ontploffings gevaar. 8)

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