Suicide is painless

Here is the monday update without a war report because there was no war. So I played in the wild yesterday evening and had fun enough. Still I had no time and inspiration to make a home made funny picture, although I have some ideas. I updated the page a little and inserted “home” buttons. When time I will update some more items this evening, depending on my mood….

Surely this guy aint gonna survive his jump. Maybe he read the trick jumpers page and thought he could do that too. Hopefully he has a parachute with him.

A short update today and less time to make it in, surely more news tomorrow!
Have fun and keep the campers alive!

Over realjager

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0 reacties op Suicide is painless

  1. nebucarnass zegt:

    Thats a long fall 8)

  2. jager zegt:

    yes it is nebu,whats your wp? Don’t have it yet…

  3. jager zegt:

    Jo,jo tomorrow first update of real camping places in COD!
    Screens made!

  4. Bigmike zegt:

    stupid action…heheh

  5. andrea zegt:

    is dit zo’n codjumper? 😛

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