Campsites on MP Rocket

Call of duty multiplayer map “MP_Rocket”.
So today, as promised, part one of my favorite camp positions in Call of duty multiplayer maps. Starting of with one of my favorite sniper maps: MP_Rocket.

In this map there are a lot of sniper locations but the most are too obvious and can be seen from far away. Most of the players will choose a heavy machine gun, like the (English) Bren or (German) MP44 in the map and some use a rifle. Still I mostly choose the sniper rifle here and try too reach a nice camp location. If it is unreachable I’ll try to pick up a machine gun on the way and fight my way to the best location. Where do I go? Well there are two very nice spots but the best is location A on the map.

Running towards the place you see the rock where I am aiming at, on this rock is the spot.

Location A overlooks almost the whole rocket site and the main entrance to the bunker complex. Between the two bunkers is one of the main spawn points which can be overseen from location A.

From here you can snipe away all the poor basterds who are trying to use the machine gun emplacement and the whole center rocket platform. The only risk is that they will try to sneak up behind you or shoot from the bunker directly below you. This place can be seen with a scope from the gun emplacement between the bunkers but if you are a good sniper you will hit them first. With normal rifle or heavy machine gun it is almost impossible to hit you from up there. For the rest is this a real good place to put up your tent, when you keep quiet and the kill cam is off there is a change no one will ever see you!

Now for location B; on this map. This location is more obvious but also a nice place to put up your campers tent. Its, on the north-edge of the map behind the upper rock. You can see from both sides of the rock, depending from where the enemy is coming. I only have one screenshot of the view from the right site of the rock and from here you have also a nice view over the rocket site and the bunker that’s in front of camp spot A. You can even hit a sniper which lies on spot A from here.

So this is part one of camping spots in Call of duty, feel free to reply. This info will be placed in the archives soon and can be reached through the button “COD camper places”.
Have fun!

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5 reacties op Campsites on MP Rocket

  1. killerjake zegt:

    Thats interesting, I know the places, but still, good info! Keep it up man!

  2. alexander zegt:

    GG! Cool..

  3. E-mulelover zegt:

    a camper perspective, I hate campers!

  4. jager zegt:

    ja , binnekort meer, morgen mp_harbor!
    I also hate campers, whahah

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