Campsites on MP Harbor

Call of duty multiplayer map “MP_Harbor”.
This is the second update of the COD camping places and now looking at the Multiplayer Call of duty map: “Harbor”
This map is not ideal for sniping or even camping but still there is a nice spot where you can sit and stay put. I use it a lot in this map and I mostly play the German side here because then I can use the MP44 Machine gun. This is a better choice I think then running around with the rumbling PPSH Russian Machine gun. Now for the camping spot on the map, it’s located largely in the center of the map and gives some good cover behind some crates.
You have to jump up on the ramp and hide behind the crates. This way you oversee the entrance of the little square where also a spawn points is. Also you can shoot the enemy’s coming out of the Harbor police building side entrance and you have good cover of your back because they cannot climb on the ramp behind you.
Watch out for snipers here, which will try to shoot you from the police station. If you have a sniper rifle you can see very well who is coming out of the harbor police station, down from the ladder. In United offensive the multiplayer map is a little different but you also can use this tactics here. So try it out, happy hunting and don’t forget your tent! It can be damn frustrating when the enemy throws all his grenades to the place but mostly you will survive in the hectic because most grenades will fly over.
The enemy will really love you…hahaha.

Over realjager

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10 reacties op Campsites on MP Harbor

  1. ~maja~ zegt:

    sorry voor het gekopieerde berichtje maar ik kan ff niet anders…ik wil toch ff een berichtje achterlaten.

    fijne dag vandaag 😉

  2. K sta derbij zegt:

    JBeton 😀 at ben ik 😛

  3. jager zegt:

    nou leuk dan…uit remunj? 8)

  4. JBeton zegt:

    That’s me!

  5. JBeton zegt:

    herken je de bril?

  6. jager zegt:

    Meneer beton, TV! Je bent een spammer 😕

  7. JBeton zegt:

    tis B eton
    met een hoofdletter

  8. jager zegt:

    hier heb je chat boxen voor..
    Ik zal maar eens een shoutbox voor jouw gaan zoeken!

  9. wax108 zegt:

    Hey Jager some more campsite reports and your ass will never be save in future matches….. 🙂

  10. jager zegt:

    I’ll keep my head down then 8)

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